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Spatial Design

Our spatial designers focus upon the flow of people between multiple areas of interior and exterior environments and delivers value and understanding in spaces across both the private and public realm.

We provide our clients a fly through experience into spaces that have yet to become reality. Let us show you what you are imagining.

Site Analysis


This is a preliminary phase of Spatial design processes dedicated to the study of the climatic, geographical, historical and legal of a specific site.

Concept Development


A good design begins with a good design concept. This phase will lead the way and give you a better direction for your design decisions efficiently.

Design Development


This phase involves finalizing the design and specifying such Items as Plan arrangements, equipment & furnishings and materials & colors.

3D Visualization


During this final Phase, We create photo-realistic images and walk through videos. It plays a crucial role in pitches and competition to express our intention.

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